Meeting Facilitation

Why do we need a facilitator?

Are you tired of walking out of meetings feeling like you have wasted valuable time and energy? Productive meetings do not happen by themselves! If you desire a productive meeting, it takes preparation and planning. Meeting facilitation can help transform the way you hold meeting and do business. Working with team leaders, team members and meeting organizers, we design and facilitate meetings to help teams achieve success:

Action Planning/Goal Setting

Action planning is appropriate when groups have been given a strategic plan and/or goals to achieve, and must determine how they will achieve them. We plan strong emphasis on ensuring success through SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) objectives and follow-up.

Team Building & Development

Teams exist for one purpose…to achieve BETTER RESULTS than any one of its members could have achieved working alone. Allow us to design and deliver the right customized team development program, team building event, or retreat that will improve your team’s effectiveness, collaboration skills, and team-based results.

Vision and Values

For those organizations that are in the fairly early stages of the organizational life cycle or those who wish to rebrand themselves, we will work with you to create a compelling vision and values that unites diverse stakeholders and develops a community of engaged colleagues.

Organizational Effectiveness

Does your staff complain about doing too much administrative work? If so, you may need to consider doing an analysis of job tasks and what matters most. In a rapidly changing environment, organizations are constantly in transition and find themselves having to do more, with less. Allow us to help you prioritize tasks and focus on what matters most so that your team can be more engaged and productive.