Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity management is critical to your company’s success. Understanding the current best practices and trends in diversity management is critical to maximize benefits of diversity in the workplace. Realizing that every organization is different and are at different stages of their diversity journey, we will develop a sustainable plan that will help you drive diversity in your organization based on your needs:

  • Leadership – Senior leadership commitment and support
  • Research/Measurement – Organizational assessment, benchmarking
  • Education/Training – Awareness training
  • Changes in Culture and Management Systems – Recruitment, promotion, retention, performance appraisals, compensation and benefits, training and development
  • Follow-up – Evaluation process, accountability and continuous improvement

Diversity Training

Building the diversity capabilities of your workforce at all levels of the organization is vital to embedding an inclusive culture in the workplace. Allow us to design and facilitate diversity awareness training for your teams.

Diversity Councils

The creation and management of a Diversity Council is an important component of a strategic diversity process. Effective Diversity Councils contribute leadership, creativity and effort to make the strategies and tactics a reality. A Diversity Council is a group of people within an organization who lead, advocate for, inform, and/or monitor the Strategic Diversity Management Plan. Council Members can assist with data gathering, can assist in the communication process, will be involved in establishing measures, help educate employees about diversity, and continually reinforce the company’s commitment to the diversity process. Let us assist you with designing and/or improving your Diversity Council, one that will drive diversity process.

Resource Groups (RGs)

Depending on the organization Resource groups are known by many different names—employee-resource groups, colleague resource groups, business-resource groups, employee networks and affinity groups. Resource Groups have evolved over the last several years from social affinity based groups to having impact on the business. Maximize the potential of your resource groups by aligning them to business strategies. We can provide tools to assist you with the business case, infrastructure, leadership support, and means to track effectiveness.

Diversity Communications Plan

Beyond the diversity team, how well your diversity plan is communicated and understood by colleagues in your company? One of the major challenges of diversity success is being able to effectively communicate the who, what, why, how and when of diversity & inclusion initiatives so that colleagues find the value in the work. Let us prepare an effective communication plan to help garner support and participation from colleagues.